Friday, April 25, 2014

23 Mobile Things: Thing 20

Games, games, games.  Is there anything better to do with your device than play games?  Well, there probably is, but this is still a fun thing.

I already own Temple Run, so I can vouch for is being a really great game.  I, however, have the Disney Brave version, where you are Merida escaping from the insane bear and you get to shoot your bow at targets along the way for extra points and goodies.  Sure fun, especially the bear growl noises they've put into it.

I have two other favorite games: one is a quiz game and the other is a shooting game, depending on my mood.

You Don't Know Jack (YDKJ) is a quiz game that is humorous, naughty, and sometimes just disturbing.  There are only five questions in each round and they can be anything from multiple choice to rhyming nonsense, to true or false.  The last question is the bonus round and involves a theme.  The player must touch the screen at the appropriate time during seven mini-rounds to get the correct answer.  If you answer wrong, you lose money, so it is actually possible to finish this game in the hole.  It's an on-going game, so your scores are tracked and you can play against other people.  Very entertaining.

My other favorite game is called "Stupid Zombies" and just involves shooting zombies in different locations with different sorts of guns.  The idea is to use geometry to be able to shoot around obstacles and you have to clear the screen with a certain number of bullets or you can't advance in the game.  We'll say this helps with math skills, but really it's just fun to watch the blood splatter and the body parts go flying around.

Yay, Games!

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