Thursday, April 24, 2014

23 Mobile Things: Thing 14

I am trying out Magisto because I was actually unable to get Vine, Viddy, or Socialcam through the app store.  Not sure why, but NONE of them would come up for me and after about an hour of headaches, I gave up and moved on.  I would rather have tried Vine, since I have heard so much about it, but I wasn't really given a choice on this one.

I do not really like the app - it insists on push notifications while it works on your movie. I do not like push notifications, so I had to wander back several times to see if my movie was done.  It seemed like it was far more work that six pictures should warrant, so I'm not impressed.  Still waiting for the final product twenty minutes later.

Thirty minutes have passed.  And forty and still waiting.  I am so not blown away by this app and am completely convinced that Vine would have been a better experience.

45 minutes later and the images that came out were acceptable, but not something I would do again.  It was neat that they could use my own music for the soundtrack, so I had sledding pictures with "Baby, It's Cold Outside" which was cute, but not worth the wait.  Thumbs down from me: I deleted the app.

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