Sunday, February 20, 2011

Influenza A

Giant Flakes of Snow. That's all I can see out my window right now. We had freezing rain this morning followed by what the weathermen are saying could be up to 15 inches of the fluffy white stuff.

We just had a thaw, people. We were just being able to see grass after a week in the upper 30s and 40s for temperature, sunshine, and a regaining of our precious Vitamin D. And now this...

I have been home for three days from work (plus two of the weekend) with Influenza A. It started as a cough, became chills and bodyaches, filled my respiratory tract with amazing amounts of mucous, and laid me on my ass for three whole days. I took my kids to school, went home and slept, got up to let the dog out, and slept again. And now there's a blizzard that might trap us in the house on Monday. It's maddening. I was looking forward to church today to simply SEE PEOPLE. My family is wonderful, but after a few days, I really want to see someone else. Anyone else.

The good thing is we took a walk yesterday before it got cold, walking around two blocks in town and took the dog with us. It was very nice, though there weren't many other people out and about. We discussed why there's a ledge of snow over the gutter and the kids were fascinated by the idea of melting, which was fun.

And now there is no more melting for awhile - the grass we could see is covered up with a new layer of white. At least it's not dirty yet and the fresh pristine-ness of the snow is really quite lovely.

If only I could get out of the house...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Fascination with Egypt

Mubarak resigned yesterday, which is fantastic for the Egyptian people, though now the military will probably take over and they won't be happy. This sort of makes me sad, but I will continue to send good thoughts their way - it's always better to create a democracy and not have someone step in and force you (no criticism of the US intended there...snort).

I am having trouble drinking all the water that I should be. I was doing so well for awhile, but not any more. Not sure why, though I am going to make an effort to do it this coming week. Since this is the Chinese New year, do I get to make my resolutions again?

I joined the Minnesota Biggest Loser challenge with a team from Pipestone and we're doing pretty well so far, with lots of exercise and nutrition points, and some weight loss points. All in all, the weight is not the important part - the health is. As we get more healthy, the clothes will fit better because weight loss will be a secondary bonus, or that's what I'm telling myself. Really, I just need to lose the weight so I don't have to buy any new pants for the summer - my spring clothes won't fit me the size I am now. Time to get cracking.

The bitter cold is finally giving way to warmer temperatures, of which I am very grateful. The negative temps and even more negative windchills were wearing on everyone. When you go outside and stop breathing, it's FAR too cold. Will it last until spring? Who knows?

It's a crazy day in the library today - we've got a children's carnival going on and there are SO MANY kids! It's awesome.