Friday, April 25, 2014

23 Mobile Things: Thing 19

I am an avid gardener.  I love dirt, love getting my hands in the soil, love the smell of green and growing things.  So it would be no surprise that I chose MyGarden as the hobby app of choice.  Unfortunately, I spend money on gardening apps and they are all much better than this one, so this one probably will not be kept around.

What I like is that the list seems pretty comprehensive and people appear to be able to edit information for various plants, but it didn't seem like there was all that much information on the various plants already in there.  Many of the plants that I am growing at home were not in the database and I couldn't figure out how to add them in myself.

While the database was searchable, you had to be VERY specific.  In other words, you could search for Cherry Red Tomato but if you searched for Tomato Cherry you wouldn't get anything.  I think this is a problem that should be rectified if the app is ever charged for.

My favorite app for crafting is actually YouTube because there are how-to videos.  I find I learn much better if I watch a video than if I read about it - gasp! And I call myself a librarian.

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